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Public/Private Partnerships and Why They’re Important

Want to make your water infrastructure project more fundable? Funders are interested in supporting projects that are broadly supported by the community. One way to demonstrate that support is by highlighting project partners and their role in the project’s success.

Partnerships between a public entity and a private organization are of specific interest to many funders. There are many reasons for this interest, including: supplementing limited public-sector capabilities; diversification of funding sources; and ultimately providing better public service through improved operational efficiency. Even indicating willingness to be open to a public/private partnership can often boost the fundability of a project.

Don’t limit yourself to just one partner – established partnerships with multiple entities in your community demonstrates a stable base of support for your proposed project. This support can be financial, technical, or simply public approval. Any support your project might have outside your own organization is important to highlight.

The more fundable features your project has, and the better you are at communicating those aspects of your project, the more likelihood your project has for funding success.

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