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Job Creation: An Important Aspect to Emphasize

It seems like common sense, but a new water infrastructure project will most likely create jobs. But what isn’t always common sense is using that fact to make your project more fundable. Funders are interested in investing their money in ways that create economic opportunities for communities through job creation.

There is always a greater need for infrastructure improvements than there is funding available. In order to improve the “fundability” of your project, it is important to understand the general funding landscape. Specifically, there are general project features, including emphasizing job creation, that get particular attention from funding agencies. The more fundability your project has, the better its chances of securing funding – even in a competitive landscape.

Capital and infrastructure projects can create jobs in the short-term through construction. Some projects can also create long-term jobs through ongoing operations and maintenance. Other projects may also indirectly create jobs in other related sectors. For example, improved infrastructure with greater capacity can attract new business to an area.

Job creation stimulates development or revitalization in a community. Infrastructure projects that have a larger development or revitalization can have a significant positive impact on a local economy. Consider how your proposed project might have a larger, indirect benefit to the community. The more you detail, the clearer the picture for a potential funder.

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