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Some useful resources we’ve created to help you get grants.

Grant Readiness Checklist

Dig Deep’s Grant Readiness Checklist – a tool to help you assess your organization’s ability to compete for and manage grants.

Search Criteria Form

Dig Deep’s Search Criteria Form will help you define your project clearly to allow for a targeted search process for potential funding opportunities.


Application Review Checklist

Dig Deep’s Application Review Checklist helps you determine if your project will be competitive enough to justify the time and resources required to prepare the grant application

Funding Opportunity List

Dig Deep’s Funding Opportunity List – an example spreadsheet that you can reference and create your own.

Writing Letters of Support

Tips and strategies for creating a more robust and comprehensive summary of your projects.

Stakeholder Power and Interest Grid

We created this tool to help you determine the right amount of engagement with our services.

Funding Potential Worksheet

Use this worksheet to determine the likelihood of getting government funding.

Municipal Water Leader

We share valuable advice on how to get grant funding.