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Uncover the Best Grants to Fund More Water Projects

We Dig Deep so you don't have to.

Water Funding Solutions Experts

Most local governments are finding themselves short-staffed and overworked, lacking the time or external expertise to pursue grants. While anticipating water shortages, they are also facing project backlogs or budget shortfalls. The money they need is available, but they are unsure of the best paths to access funding quickly.

That’s where we come in.

Helping communities find the best funding solutions for drinking water, storm water and wastewater projects

From research to strategic grants planning to writing, our water grant experts provide solutions that enable local governments to maximize their time and get the best grants for their water infrastructure systems.

The Dig Deep Advantage

Our mission is to help communities find external funding for water projects.

The Best Tools

Our proprietary water grants database helps us find the grants with the greatest probability of success.

The Best Experts

While you and your staff are the experts on your community and planned projects, Dig Deep is the expert in getting water projects funded. Together we can achieve the biggest impact for your community.


The Best ROI

Residents always appreciate lower water rates. Be a good steward of community funds.

Learn how Dig Deep helps you find grant funding instead of raising water rates.

Don't Wander and Wonder

“How much money is really out there?”

“Can I get a grant for this project?”

“Is seeking grants even worth my time?”

With all the tasks on your plate, you can’t be expected to be a grant expert too. Our extensive database of state, federal and private funding sources for water infrastructure capital grants, help us find the best fit for your needs.