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How Building Partnerships Can Aid Your Grant Application

One of the most important parts of your grant application process is building partnerships. Funders are interested in supporting projects that have the support and participation of the community. The more support that you can demonstrate, the stronger your grant application will be.

Formalize existing connections. It is likely that your organization has relationships with other organizations that are directly working on the project or have an interest in the project’s outcome. Make the effort to formalize these existing relationships by asking for a letter of support, letter of commitment, or memorandum of understanding. Once the connection is formalized, the document can be included to strengthen your application.

Make strategic new connections. Reach out to other organizations that might be positively impacted by the project or might be interested in participating in the project at some level. The more connections and support your project has, the more fundable it will be. Of particular interest are partnerships between regional entities and nonprofit organizations. If there is a way to include a partner from another sector, it is often worth the effort.

Be sure to make formalized connections for the best chance at success with your grant applications.

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