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How to Utilize a Funding Opportunity List

Are you looking to hire us to help you with searching for the grants you’re most competitive? Curious about how we do it? As a client of Dig Deep, you will receive a list of funding opportunities applicable to your proposed project. This list of potential funders is a huge asset as you begin the process of seeking grant funding. The carefully curated list will save you a significant amount of time by eliminating the need for you to locate potential funding opportunities on your own. The work required to find relevant grant opportunities is often very time intensive and difficult for individuals and organizations that are unfamiliar with the process.

The Dig Deep Funding Opportunity List is a spreadsheet that provides a list of potential funding opportunities with some basic information about each opportunity. The following information is included:

  • Funding Agency – the name of the funding agency.
  • Program Name – the name of the funding opportunity.
  • Program Summary – a brief description of the funding opportunity’s objectives.
  • Eligible Applicants – basic list of the types of organizations that are eligible to apply.
  • Max Award – the maximum amount of funding possible as part of the opportunity.
  • Match Requirement – the minimum amount that your organization will need to contribute to the project, usually expressed as a percentage of the request.
  • Deadline – application deadline(s). May be estimated based on previous grant cycles.
  • Funder Type – funding sources are categorized into three general types: federal, state/local, and private, which includes corporate and foundation grants.
  • Website – a link to the website where you can go to find more information and read the entire funding guidelines. 

This funding opportunity list provides a comprehensive of funding opportunities specific to your type of capital project. The list provides all the information necessary to determine your eligibility for each grant program and allows you to begin taking the advanced steps to assess your likelihood of funding much sooner. But you don’t have to hire a consultant to prepare this list. You can take the sheet attached here and fill out the information on your own through your research. We wish you luck in securing funding!

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