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Digging Deep into the Required Components of a Grant Application

The first step of creating a grant application plan is to go through the grant guidelines and make a list of every single component that is required for submission.

Budget – The budget is the most important aspect of the application. Most funders have a specific format that they would like applicants to use when presenting budget information. An application may have multiple required budget-related forms. Make sure to list each one separately in your application plan so that nothing gets missed.

Application Narrative – The application narrative consists of several sections, each with its own required information. Take the time to read the narrative instructions carefully, listing every question so that you are better prepared to provide the requested information.

Attachments – Depending on the stage of your project, the required attachments will range from simple contact information forms to time-consuming technical documents. Make sure you understand the nature of each required attachment as you add it to the list of required components.

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