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Water Funding Solutions

Dig Deep works with local governments of all sizes to develop solutions and secure external funding for water-related capital improvement projects.

Save Time

Our research means you spend less time and get bigger funding. Using our proprietary database ensures we apply for the grants with the greatest probability of success.

Deliver Long-term ROI

An effective grant strategy is much more than a one-and-done proposal every now and then. Dig Deep will help you develop a long-term plan to fund your water infrastructure needs

Secure More Grant Money

There’s grant money out there – our water grant experts build winning proposals to secure the funds you need for your important water projects.

Is your project fundable? Ask an expert (FREE).


Water infrastructure projects are complex, expensive, and essential – but finding funding that fits your projects is challenging. Dig Deep uses our expert research capabilities as an efficient way to find the right grant opportunities for your specific needs.

Take back your time

Searching for and sifting through grants is incredibly time consuming. Identifying good grants requires expertise. Dig Deep has the know-how to find the best grants so you don’t have to.

Find better grants

The jet fuel to our extensive knowledge is our proprietary water grants database. This allows us to not only uncover the best grants available, but also to identify those you’re most likely to win that will best fund your projects.


The community you serve may not understand the importance of a water project, but they notice changes to their water rates. External funding helps get your water projects completed while keeping water rates low. Dig Deep’s Strategic Grants Planning process provides you a roadmap to the external funding you need to complete the projects in your Capital Improvement Plan.

Improve your odds

Grants are highly competitive. You risk wasting time and delaying project timelines if you can’t approach grants strategically. Leveraging Dig Deep’s strategic process will increase your probability of grant success.

A long-term plan

Dig Deep doesn’t just go after the next grant. We give you a road map for funding water projects for years to come. That’s maximizing your ROI.

Grant Applications

Once you’ve got the roadmap, you know which grants to pursue. Winning grants is never “just writing.” Successful grant proposals are crafted to meet the funder’s priorities, and the experts at Dig Deep have been doing it successfully for decades.

Apply for the best grant opportunities

If you’re like the typical director of utilities, or water, or public works, your office is understaffed and overworked – swamped with multiple responsibilities. Does your team really have time to write proposals that you may not even win? Start with Dig Deep. Our water grant experts will do the application writing for you.

Improve your water infrastructure

If you’re ready to stop worrying about funding your water projects and want to find better ways to start making improvements, call Dig Deep. Whether you’re experiencing costly repairs for aging water infrastructure, anticipating water shortages, or trying to expand to meet demand, Dig Deep’s experts can help you win grants.