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Highlight What You’re Already Doing: Tips to Increase Your Fundability

Does it feel overwhelming to consider what you need to emphasize in your grant applications? The first thing you need to consider is what your project and organization are already doing that you can highlight for funders. If your project has an element that may appeal to a funder, make that connection explicit in your proposal.

Capital infrastructure projects can create jobs, both short-term and long-term. Furthermore, capital projects are often part of larger development and revitalization efforts. Think about how your project contributes to economic stimulus and then highlight those contributions in your proposal.

Funders are interested in supporting underserved communities, such as tribal, rural, and low-income communities. If your project already directly and obviously serves one of these populations, demonstrating that connection in your application is a straightforward process. If your project is not in an obviously urban area, it is worth checking how the funder defines rural. You may be surprised to find that your project or service area qualifies as rural according to the funder’s guidelines. Finally, if your project does not directly serve a disadvantaged population, consider ways that it may indirectly serve on these populations.

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