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Grant Pursuit Strategy: The Data Behind Funding Opportunities

In June of 2021, CEO and founder Tia Cavender and database and IT Manager Fernando Gonzalez spoke with Municipal Water Magazine regarding Dig Deep’s work to help municipalities follow the money for infrastructure. Dig Deep’s Grant Pursuit Strategy (GPS) is a tool for municipalities to utilize in order to identify the best grants for them to pursue and the order in which to do so. GPS makes it clear which grants are the most achievable and which are the most competitive using data analysis performed by the team at Dig Deep. Each result is customized specifically for the municipality in question and the project they need funding for. We know the landscape is tough. The US Water Alliance and the American Society of Civil Engineers estimate that $109 billion dollars per year needs to be invested by the federal government to close the water infrastructure gap. The funding opportunities out there cover nowhere near that yearly cost. Therefore, precision and efficiency must be utilized to make the most of this competitive environment. An example of the information GPS provides, Dig Deep performed a comparison between the funding opportunities in Colorado versus Oregon. The data shows that drinking water and

stormwater projects are more likely to receive grant funding due to more availability versus wastewater projects which have more opportunities for loans. To read the full article in Water Strategies’ Municipal Water Leader magazine, click here. We regularly blast out more in-depth information regarding tips for your application, downloadable resources like this checklist, and grant alerts. Sign up here.

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